Thursday, November 15, 2012

5 months

E turned 5 months old on October 17th!
At her 4 month well check on October 1st, she weighed 14 lbs, 8 oz  & was 24.75 inches long.
This month E is wearing 6 month clothes. She is in size 3 Huggies diapers, and a size 3 overnight. 
She is drinking breastmilk exclusively. She eats every 3-4 hours during the day. I decided to wait for solids until 6 months for two reasons. #1. Selfishly, I already have to fight one child every meal time and wanted to postpone the mess and fights with another for as long as possible. ;) & #2. She still isn't sitting unsupported, and her Dr. said it was okay to wait; so we'll start on her 6 month birthday. 
Her daytime sleep is sporadic and unpredictable, but usually at least 2 naps that range from anywhere from 20 mins to 2 hours. E is still a great nighttime sleeper though: 10-14 hours a night! And, she is SO happy right after she wakes up!

E started sucking her thumb this month. It is one of her biggest cues that she is tired...when she pops her thumb in her mouth. I think it's cute, and I like that she is able to self soothe, but her dentist daddy is already griping about future orthodontist bills. Ha ha! 
She is rolling, rolling, rolling!! Little girl can move so much now, and with purpose! E will see a toy and figure out a way to roll and turn herself to get to it. She's trying to get her legs underneath and push, but then her arms get stuck. I think E will be scooting/army crawling very soon.
When CJ was a baby, we had what we laughingly called the "Baby Cage" or "Baby Jail". Since we don't want CJ repeating that (can you imagine him going to school telling his teacher we put baby sister in a cage?! Ha!), we now call it the "Baby Area". This space is just for E, to keep her out of trouble and safe, and CJ is only allowed inside under supervision. 
E is starting to giggle and smile more, which is so fun! :-) 
We took you to Julian, CA. This month we also went to Music Together Class, the pumpkin patch, the Aquarium & Safari Park. 
E, the more we get to know you, the more we love you. You ADORE your big brother very much, and I am so happy to see your sibling relationship developing more and more. You are always going to be our "Baby E" so please stop growing SO fast! ;) 

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Sue said...

I so enjoyed this catch up on E and C. E is growing like a weed and is so advance in her growth and activity. Thank goodness for your blog and smilebox.