Sunday, September 30, 2012

Answered Prayers!

Y'all remember back in April when I posted asking for prayers for the last two of my infertile blog friends waiting for their blessings?!

I am SO excited to update that both Lianna & Faith are both pregnant!! Lianna is having a baby girl and Faith is having TWIN girls!

I know that the are still lots and lots of families out there experiencing infertility and heartache waiting for their babies, but it is so amazing to me that every. single. name. on the list of ladies I started praying for back in 2008 has been blessed to become moms.

God is so good!

"Whatever you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive" Matthew 21:22

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Football Fanatics

We aren't like most other rivals in this family...we cheer for both teams all season until the final game when we play each other! 

Go Clemson Tigers! Go University of South Carolina Gamecocks!

Friday, September 28, 2012

A fun visit

My sister and her husband came to visit us last week. It was such a great visit! I hadn't seen her since last October, but it didn't feel like it had been that long since we talk on the phone and FaceTime so often. 

The first day of their visit we went to the USS Midway Museum. 
CJ had a blast running around the boat and checking out the planes. 
 E was content for her first trip aboard the Midway. 
CJ was awarded a Junior Sailor Pin. Here he is saluting when the veteran presented it to him. SO CUTE!  
 Auntie pinning it on. 
The second day of their visit we went to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. CJ was at preschool.
We got to see baby Monroe SOO close! He is just so adorable!
They loved the Safari Tram ride (E's first time!)  
And the elephants are always a favorite of mine. It is the largest herd of African elephants outside of Africa. SO amazing to see and the newest elephant baby girl Qinisa (pronounced "!click sound with tongue!-inisa" who was born August 28 was adorable! 
After we got home, there was lots of playing, snuggling and puzzle assembly. 
The third day we drove down the Pacific Coast, visited the Birch Aquarium, and went to La Jolla. The marine layer was super heavy (a fog over the coast) so their view wasn't the greatest unfortunately. 
But stop for some In & Out for lunch-their first! (E's first visit also, but she just had some milk ;)). 
 E checking out the fish! 
CJ checking out the octopus!
CJ's favorite thing to do at the aquarium is "play with boats". HA!  
 Two Pumas overlooking the ocean! 
The seals were back! So my sister and her husband go to see them! 
 The tide was really high and we kept getting splashed by the waves. CJ thought it was SO funny!
Our last day together was pretty chill. Saturdays in the Fall revolve around FOOTBALL! My sister and I took E to a friend's Bday party. (CJ was supposed to go, but had a fever. :( ) I was glad my sister got to meet my California friends. 
All the South Carolina Gamecock fans at my house...AHHH. Ha ha! At least one of the two teams we were cheering for won. 
Clemson was a huge disappointment on GameDay. :( 
CJ played some playdough and did some dancing with his aunt even though he wasn't feeling 100%. 
So many great memories were made! We got a sitter and went on a double date one night to take advantage of San Diego Restaurant Week. Another night, after the kiddos were in bed we made microwave s'mores and played board games. As usual, the time went by way too quickly! I miss my sister so much already! I'm looking forward to the next time we'll be together! 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beat the Heat

While most of the rest of the country is gearing up for Fall and enjoying cooler weather, it's been heating up over here! Our summer has been in the 70's for the most part, so when we hit over 100 two weeks ago Friday and Saturday, it was HOT!!!
We HAD to get out despite the hot temps, so I dug in our garage and found a baby pool. (our other kiddie pool died earlier this summer :( ). I found a shady spot in the backyard and set it up! 

I used the Bumbo (with the newly installed safety straps-click here if you need to order a repair kit for yours) so E could go "swimming" for the first time. CJ was very sweet with his little sis and especially enjoyed the funny faces she was making every time he splashed! ;) 
 CJ even shared some of the toys with E. :) I love how she always watches her big bro! Melt my heart!
They both had fun!

Then on Saturday, my friend's son was turning 2 and they were having a pool party! I told her this ended up being the PERFECT birthday party for the hot weather! CJ playing with his friend D.
Resting in the grass after swimming!
Cooling off with some ice cream!
Last week was back in the high 80's low 90's! I sure hope that "Fall" starts over here soon. ;)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Take me out to the ballgame

CJ and I had the chance to go to a San Diego Padres Baseball game together. It was so much fun! I'm definitely more of a "tom boy" than a "girly girl," so I love getting to do "boy stuff" with my sweet boy. 
One of my favorite parts of going to a ball park is the FOOD. Clearly even my picky eater was loving the food too! :)  (SIDE NOTE...the stuff on his arms are the remnants of our "tattoo day")

It ended up being a really good game...with a grand slam and it was tied in the 9th inning until the Padres pulled out the win! Exciting!

After the game, all the kids were allowed to go down on the field to run the bases! I don't know who was more excited (okay, it was probably me...) to get to go on a Professional Baseball field!!!

The kids had to stand in one line and the adults in another. CJ did a pretty good job; I told him to stay behind the big boy in front of him. 
And then when he got to the front of the line, he took off around the bases!! 
 Look, my little CJ is on the big screen!!
Poor CJ tripped and fell (gets his clumsiness from his Mama!) so they encouraged him to keep going. He sure looks like he is having fun running out there!  
Approaching Home Plate (which he missed, but that's okay!) 
It was a little chaotic past home plate with all the kids trying to reunite with their adults. CJ couldn't see me but of course I never took my eyes off him! He was so brave, but looked very relieved when he heard me call his name! In front of the Padres dugout (which was air conditioned!!).

What a fun time we had! I can't wait to do more Mama/Son outings with my boy!