Friday, May 6, 2011


Today I am so proud of my hubby!! After 3 years of hard work, and hours and hours of writing and research on a thesis, and seeing countless patients, JT graduated from the University of Michigan with a Masters in Restorative Dentistry!! Yes, he is an over-acheiver...the "Dr." wasn't enough, he had to get a masters too! Ha ha! Good work honey!! His Mom was able to come up from SC to be here! What a special day for our family!! :)


Guy and Julie said...

Been meaning to comment. I'm SOOO glad you're blogging again!!!

Sue said...

I am so proud of you, JT, not only for graduating, but for the work you put in towards graduation. Working,studing, writing thesis, becoming and being a Dad/husband, cooking and lord knows what else. Your plate was full, but you got it done and did a great job of it. Your Mom and Dad love you.