Monday, May 14, 2012

Surprise Shower

SUPER late, but I gotta post this before E arrives!!! :) Two weeks ago when I walked into MOPS the first thing I saw was a chair with balloons and a beautifully decorated table with flowers and presents. SURPRISE! It was for me. How sweet is that?! I thought it was so fitting too, because almost every shower I've ever had (wedding, bachelorette, baby) has been these new MOPS friends must have known that would be perfect! ;) 
The flower arrangement was so pretty, pinks and purples and yellow, and the smelled SO good!
My friend MADE these cupcakes!!! How amazing is that?! So beautiful and they were delicious too (Chocolate, with chocolate chips!!)
Little scripture cards on the table.
With one of my friends.
Another MOPS Mom friend from our table.
Opening presents.
A furry PINK board book Bible! SO cute!!!
An adorable PINK outfit!!
A PINK Boppy Slipcover. :)
All the sweet ladies at our table who threw us our surprise shower!
Such a special day for me and baby E! :)


Kendra said...

SO sweet!! What a nice surprise. I can't believe she'll be here so soon!! Can't wait to see her sweet face!

Sue said...

oh, lucky you are to have such grand friends...I can't wait to see what has been added since we last saw each other. What fun!