Saturday, December 22, 2012

Our Day Out with Thomas

It's no secret that CJ is OBSESSED with trains. So when we found out that "Day out with Thomas" was going to be near us (1 hour away) in Perris, CA we thought we'd go. He was excited even in the parking lot!
They had all kinds of different activities for the kids. CJ and Daddy checking out the miniature trains.
E was having fun too!
They had a "tattoo station" where the kids could pick out a temporary tattoo and have it put on.
They had a tent that had several train tables. I had to laugh that we traveled an hour and CJ was wanting to play with a train table...we could have done that at HOME! Ha!
Baby Girl was having fun watching!
Crinkle nose!
Daddy & E waiting for the train!
CJ waiting for Thomas to come pick us up at the train station!
Watching Thomas
All aboard!
Excited to ride the train!
"Choo choo"
The kids each got a "Jr. Engineer Certificate"
Enjoying the ride.
E enjoyed her train ride. I wonder if CJ will one day equally enjoy going to the Nutcracker? ;)
Bro & sis having fun together! :)
Running through hay bales is so fun!
Watching for Thomas! He looks so big here, it makes me tear up!!
If I can give an honest review of this event...I thought it was overpriced and that there were too many people for the small space. We didn't even have the opportunity to pose in front of Thomas because the line was SO long. This may have just been at this location though...I can only speak of our experience. Also, when we rode on Thomas, the train went forward and then stopped in a "sketchy" area for a few loooonnnnnngggg minutes (if you get my drift) and then we rode backwards. I think it would have been better if the train ride would have been more scenic and less ghetto.
Thankfully CJ had a wonderful time and that is all that is truly important to us! "Thomas & His Friends!"

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