Friday, December 21, 2012

Pumpkin Carving & Halloween

Halloween was SO fun this year! We did lots of activities in preparation for Halloween. One thing CJ loved to do this year was tattoos!!! At one point he had "sleeves" on both arms. Ha ha! 
E has the bluest blue eyes. We are thinking (I'm kind of hoping!) that they may stay!
Someone else was excited for her first Halloween! :)
I saw this shirt on Zulily and HAD to get it! "Will trade sister for candy" is SO CJ right now...
But he does love his little sis! (Even if he isn't willing to admit it!)
My two little pumpkins with their two little pumpkins! 
I love holiday clothes in case you can't tell. 
On to the pumpkin carving...I let CJ choose what he wanted us to carve. Much to my dismay, he chose the same template we did last year: Mickey. I guess he didn't remember us doing it last year. Ha ha!
E looking on intently!
Punching the holes for the outline with toothpicks. Look at CJ's little hand on the left helping!!
He was really into it this year which only made things more fun for us!
Daddy cutting open our pumpkin. CJ looking on. E sucking her thumb in the background.
"I'm the scooper"
Having fun!
Sweet girl's first pumpkin carving!
Sorting out the seeds so we could bake them.
The finished product!
Happy Halloween!
Look at the ruffle butt and "baby's first halloween" socks! :)
In past years, we've enjoyed doing a family costume, but it just didn't work out this year...we'll probably try agin next year. So CJ was a firefighter and he was going to "rescue" his ladybug sister? Ha!
Two cuties!
This ladybug can't fly but she was trying to scoot...
All ready to go trick or treating! 
Walking around the neighborhood.
Getting some candy!
Gorgeous California Halloween sunset
More candy Daddy!
And because I HAD to put E in yet another outfit. This was CJ's when he was a baby! 
We had such a fun fall and Halloween! Already looking forward to next year! :) 

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