Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy 18mo

Last night CJ slept wonderfully. So good in fact that he and I both didn't get up until 9:30am! :) He had fun playing with his Great Auntie (Nana's sister). It was funny, because he must have been able to sense their similarities, or perhaps it is the white hair...but CJ took to calling Auntie, "Nana" for the rest of today! So cute!!
For lunch, JT's cousin took us to In & Out Burger since it is so popular over here!! The burgers are really good!! Watch for an upcoming special blog once we get settled in San Diego where JT and I will compare In & Out with 5 Guys! :) CJ enjoyed the french fries!
CJ went with Auntie Nana and was telling her we are going "vroom vroom". (he is doing the baby sign language for car).
On the way back to JT's cousin's house, CJ decided he would try putting his shoes ON his feet for a change. Couldn't quite figure it out, but we think that his feet have grown on the trip, because I couldn't get these shoes on his feet today either! We'll get him remeasured when we get to San Diego!! (along with all the other 50 million things we need to do to get settled!!)
CJ did NOT want to nap in his pack n' play this afternoon for whatever reason. So he laid down with JT and they both took a little snooze. So sweet!! Then I "relieved" JT and came to snuggle with CJ. He is such a BUSY BOY these days and he never slows down, much less sits with either of us. When he was a little baby he used to fall asleep on my chest all the time and this was the first time in a long time, we've gotten to cuddle together during nap time! I had missed it so much and really enjoyed this peaceful time with him.
After nap-time CJ got to go swimming a little more. Auntie Nana was nice enough to watch him for us so that JT and I could have a "break".
In addition to the menagerie of animals and the large farm land, JT's cousin also has a shooting range on his property. So we used our "time away" to shoot some pistols. JT was really good at it, but he's had a lot more experience since they have to qualify in the military!
I did okay, and did hit the targets a few times, but mostly it was just FUN!!
We grilled out for dinner tonight, and it was really fun! Yet another home cooked meal!! :) CJ, KB & KB's cousin checked out the goats!! CJ was so funny, because he recognized KB's cousin as another BOY and kept hugging him!
A little more special time with Auntie Nana before she flies back to Maui!!
Our little Mr. Watermelon-oholic turned 18-months old today!! SO hard to believe!! Where does the time go?! We are so thankful for him!! CJ had his "18mo" well checkup a month early last month before we moved, and he was 24lbs, 15oz & 32-3/4in.
CJ & KB couldn't quite understand that their pool time was they decided to play on the upside-down pool, ha ha!!
Getting some more loving from Mana the doggie.
Letting the goats sniff his hand. The goats breathe really heavy on your hand when you hold it out to them and it really makes CJ giggle!!
Doesn't our boy look so "at home" on the farm? He really seems to be in his element amongst all the animals and he is loving getting to be outdoors so much!!
I hope that he gets just as much enjoyment at our new home! Less than a week until we "move in" on Friday. We can't wait!! Even though our road trip adventure is coming to an end, another new adventure is just beginning!!

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Sue said...

Wow, what great fun all of you are having. Wish I was there to share. That is so neat that "Auntie Nana" is making CJ so happy. I think after seeing these pictures that you and JT need to buy a farm and have goats, cat, dogs, ducks and all the animal CJ loves, maybe even a bird or two. My days are so mixed up I am not sure whether today is Monday or Tuesday. How long will you be at Kelly's. Give that beautiful family my love.