Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Kid in Town

Surprise, the Miramar Inn is not nearly as bad as I imagined, and they DO have internet (ethernet, but I will settle for that over none at all!) A little background as to why I was so skeptical of this joint...when JT and I moved to Hawaii we had to live in The Lodge at Kaneohe Bay for three weeks, while we waited for housing to become available. It was bad enough to make me become very leary of military lodging. At least the Miramar Inn has a kitchenette with microwave and fridge...we didn't even have THAT in HI. But, I guess it was Hawaii. Ha ha.

We woke up this morning and left Valencia and started heading south toward San Diego!! The final stop on our road trip! :) People in California are CRAZY drivers!! The traffic in LA and SD is nuts too! Today we were 8 lanes going the same direction in San Diego at one point!!! That is going to take some getting used to, for sure, compared to our small college town of Ann Arbor. I lived in Atlanta for a short time and used to drive through there quite a bit forever ago back when JT and I were long distance dating...but this CA traffic is way worse than anything I ever saw in GA!! One thing that is scary, is that the motorcycles pass in between cars!! YIKES!!
We got to see the Pacific Ocean for a brief moment on the drive down. We are hoping to go to the beach sometime maybe this weekend since we will just be sitting around in our empty house.
Almost there...
The first stop once we arrived in San Diego, was to see our new house!! JT did a great job house-hunting for our family last month, and we signed a lease on this house. JT was nervous that I might not like it since this was the first time I was getting to see it in person. I didn't like it. I LOVED it!!! I can't wait to share more pictures as we officially move in, and unpack..but since the house was empty, we just peeked around a little bit a couple days early! ;) (We get the keys on Friday).
I thought I had seen an orange tree in the backyard in one of the pictures that JT had taken when he visited, but there are TWO orange trees, both BUSTING with fruit!! I can't wait to make some fresh squeezed juice for breakfast!!
And there is a lime tree too!!! Margaritas anyone?!
Here is the grassy part of the backyard. I am already envisioning putting CJ's pool (that I am going to buy) in the shady area!
And I LOVE the patio area!!! An oversized sliding glass door, and the large kitchen window that opens so you can pass food and drinks out onto the patio bar!!! I hope I can make lots of friends and host lots of parties here. :)
JT telling CJ that this is his new house.
We didn't want to stay too long since we were technically "trespassing?" Rebels! I am just so excited to get the keys and get to see the inside of the house (that I couldn't see by peeking through the windows, LOL). :)

We checked into the Miramar Inn. See the light saber on the floor? We found that in our room (I don't even want to think about what else the cleaning crew missed if they missed a giant light saber! :P) and CJ loved it immediately. Must be a boy thing. Ha ha! I gave him the bottom drawer of the dresser as a "toy chest" and I guess he wanted to play inside with the toys!
And then tonight I gave him a bowl of Kix cereal as a "nack" (Snack), which he promptly dumped on the floor, and wore the bowl as a hat.
He was just too darn cute to get cross with!! ;)
Tomorrow JT is going to report into the military and start the "check-in" process. CJ and I are going to just hang out here I think. There is a nice playground at the Inn (that is under these huge umbrellas making the playground shady) that we can go to. And the Commissary and Exchange are within walking distance from the hotel also. I'm going to do some price comparisons at the Commissary to get some ideas of prices after being away from the military life for 3 years. Maybe I'll go ahead and buy a pool for CJ at the Exchange if the price is right! :)

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