Monday, July 4, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

We have another great night to report!! I think it is safe to say that things are back to "normal" with our baby boy and we are so thankful! We all got up around 8 and ventured around our hotel looking for some breakfast.
The Venetian has a "mall" attached to it, and we found a place serving breakfast in the food court! CJ didn't want to wait for us to cut up his sausage patty, he just wanted to hold the whole thing and bite off of it!
Love this little "I've gotta mouthful of sausage" face!!!
After breakfast we headed to the pool because it was cloudy and we knew it wouldn't be as busy or as hot as it would be later in the day! They had one pool that was only 1 foot, 2 inches deep which was PERFECT for CJ!! At first he was a little unsure since his feet have never touched the bottom in a pool before, and he held my hand...
But once he got the hang of it, he was off!
I could barely keep up with him!!! (Note how I am walking beside him to catch him when he would fall face first. He REFUSED to hold my hand and would yank away from me if I tried!)
The pool tired us both out, but we had fun!! :)
CJ was so tired from the pool that he ended up taking a 3.5 hour nap!! JT and I used this rare "alone" time together and rented the movie "Life as We Know it", which we thought was cute, but predictable. We also talked about how CJ naps so much better in his pack 'n play (2-3 hour naps) vs. in the car (30 min to 1.5 hr naps). After he finally got up, we set out to explore The Strip a little!
This picture is for my sis...we LOVE Celine!!! We are trying to figure out when we can come see her show!! They were playing her music as we walked past, and it made me really want to see her!
We walked down to the Bellagio to see the fountain show! Since today was Fourth of July, the water show was to the song "Proud to be an American". CJ didn't quite know what to think of the water!
There were some ducks swimming away from the fountains and they were right below us. It was so funny because CJ made sure to tell them "bye bye" as they swam by!!
The rainbow that the fountains created was so pretty!
Our family in front of the fountains (and the Eiffel Tower).
Then we walked over to the Forum Shops to meet my blog friend Bonnie and her adorable son Jarrettt, who live here. Bonnie and I got to know each other several years ago through our blogs while we were both battling infertility. We would pray for each other, and became friends. And here we are now; it is so amazing to see us with two beautiful boys!! I am SOOO glad that we got to finally meet in person! It was so fun getting to see her and Jarrett, and I really hope that we'll be able to spend more time together while JT and I are stationed in San Diego since we won't be that far away!!
Jarrett is 2 weeks older than CJ, and he was just the sweetest boy! I made him smile and giggle and he was too cute! It was neat to see the similarities between the two toddlers, their sense of adventure and high energy levels, but also the personality differences. Notable stories from their interactions: At first Jarrett really wanted to give CJ a hug, but CJ kept running away from him. Then when Jarrett finally caught up with him, CJ kinda gave him a shove "I don't wanna hug you right now" push (which we tried to correct as best you can at this age). Then, by the time we were getting ready to leave, CJ was walking up to Jarrett giving him a hug. But, he was so "enthusiastic" that he kind of tackled Jarrett to the floor. HA HA. Another funny moment was when I was holding Jarrett and CJ walked over to us and let out a "aaaaaaa" and gave Jarrett a shove, like "that is MY momma!" They were SOO cute in the Red, White & Blue! (NOTE: Bonnie made Jarrett's shirt!! She is so talented!!)
We ate dinner at Planet Hollywood tonight like the tourists that we are! Then we headed back toward our hotel! JT stopped to wish Jessica Simpson a Happy Fourth!
CJ must not have gotten quite enough to eat at dinner because he could NOT keep his toes our of his mouth! Ha ha!
We watched the gondola rides again! CJ was obviously inspired by all the "Amore" and I got some "sugar" from my sweet boy!!
Laughing together!!
We had a beautiful day, and there was a beautiful sunset to top it off!!
Tomorrow morning we leave Vegas, and head to our final state of the trip as well as new "home-state" of California!! But don't worry, the adventure isn't over yet...we still have at least 10 days (probably more) until we get into our new house!

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Bonnie said...

Awww, I love how you noted all of their interactions! I obviously found your blog address! I found it in my e-mail :D I have a GAZILLION e-mails I need to delete because my mailbox is getting too full :P Anyways, I am SO glad that we got to meet each other & I really hope that we can get together in the future. Thank you for all your kind words & prayers. You are just as sweet in person as I ever thought you would be! You have a beautiful family & ya'll come back to Vegas ANYTIME! You have a free place to stay :) Travel safely & keep in touch! <3 Bon

P.S. I noticed you were calling Colin "CJ". I just realized our boys have kinda the opposite initials b/c Jarrett's middle name is "Coleman" after my papa. So he is "JC"! Ha ha ;)