Saturday, December 22, 2012

7 months

E turned 7 months on the 17th of December.
She is wearing 6-9 month clothes (although I need to do the swap-a-roo to 9 months when I can find time because things are a little "snug") and size 3 Huggies diapers. 
E is still nursing every 3-4 hours.  New foods she tried were: yams, spinach, carrots, zucchini, butternut squash & sweet potato puffs. E has loved EVERYTHING thus far! We've been feeding her purees once a day, but she finishes the bowl every time, so we may increase that to twice a day soon.  

I didn't make baby food for CJ, but my best friend convinced me that I could do it for E. So with the help of our steamer and our Vitamix, it actually is easy! Pumpkin & Yams! 

Sleep is still great. For the most part E takes a morning and afternoon nap and sleeps 12-14 hours at night. There have been a few nights this month that she'll get up and "party" with Mommy & Daddy before they go to bed. We think she is teething, but maybe she's just wanting some alone time with us? Ha ha!
This month E learned how to sit. Now when we put her in a sitting position she is able to play for a bit before falling over. And her "push up flop" has graduated to a better patterned "army crawl". 
E rolls onto her side and sits in a "model pose". It is so cute. She'll pose and figure out what she wants to get into next. She gets stronger everyday. 
Her new babble is "ba ba ba". I've been working hard on "ma ma" (HA HA!). We began using a little baby sign language this month to her, and CJ is helping too, HA! 
This month we went to Perris, CA and your first road trip to Merced, CA. This was your first overnight away from home and you did great! We also went to: Sea World, your first trip to Disneyland!, San Diego Zoo and Daddy's work Christmas party. You and CJ also took your first bath together! You BOTH love it! He loves splashing you and believe it or not, you LOVE being splashed! I think you just think everything he does is awesome! 
We were so THANKFUL for you this Thanksgiving, little E and are so excited to spend our first Christmas with you as a family of four. We love you baby girl!

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Sue said...

Yep, I am just catch up and taking advantage of good reception on the Wed. Cannot believe how much Ellie has grown and left me behind. She is honestly a bundgle of job. I cannot tell you which picture is cuter for they are all precious.