Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beat the Heat

While most of the rest of the country is gearing up for Fall and enjoying cooler weather, it's been heating up over here! Our summer has been in the 70's for the most part, so when we hit over 100 two weeks ago Friday and Saturday, it was HOT!!!
We HAD to get out despite the hot temps, so I dug in our garage and found a baby pool. (our other kiddie pool died earlier this summer :( ). I found a shady spot in the backyard and set it up! 

I used the Bumbo (with the newly installed safety straps-click here if you need to order a repair kit for yours) so E could go "swimming" for the first time. CJ was very sweet with his little sis and especially enjoyed the funny faces she was making every time he splashed! ;) 
 CJ even shared some of the toys with E. :) I love how she always watches her big bro! Melt my heart!
They both had fun!

Then on Saturday, my friend's son was turning 2 and they were having a pool party! I told her this ended up being the PERFECT birthday party for the hot weather! CJ playing with his friend D.
Resting in the grass after swimming!
Cooling off with some ice cream!
Last week was back in the high 80's low 90's! I sure hope that "Fall" starts over here soon. ;)

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Kendra said...

So cute!! I love E's little swim suit!!!