Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Take me out to the ballgame

CJ and I had the chance to go to a San Diego Padres Baseball game together. It was so much fun! I'm definitely more of a "tom boy" than a "girly girl," so I love getting to do "boy stuff" with my sweet boy. 
One of my favorite parts of going to a ball park is the FOOD. Clearly even my picky eater was loving the food too! :)  (SIDE NOTE...the stuff on his arms are the remnants of our "tattoo day")

It ended up being a really good game...with a grand slam and it was tied in the 9th inning until the Padres pulled out the win! Exciting!

After the game, all the kids were allowed to go down on the field to run the bases! I don't know who was more excited (okay, it was probably me...) to get to go on a Professional Baseball field!!!

The kids had to stand in one line and the adults in another. CJ did a pretty good job; I told him to stay behind the big boy in front of him. 
And then when he got to the front of the line, he took off around the bases!! 
 Look, my little CJ is on the big screen!!
Poor CJ tripped and fell (gets his clumsiness from his Mama!) so they encouraged him to keep going. He sure looks like he is having fun running out there!  
Approaching Home Plate (which he missed, but that's okay!) 
It was a little chaotic past home plate with all the kids trying to reunite with their adults. CJ couldn't see me but of course I never took my eyes off him! He was so brave, but looked very relieved when he heard me call his name! In front of the Padres dugout (which was air conditioned!!).

What a fun time we had! I can't wait to do more Mama/Son outings with my boy!

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