Saturday, April 7, 2012

34 weeks

How far along: 34 weeks! (85%)

Size of baby: 17.8 inches long, 4 lb, 14 oz. About the size of a cantaloupe.

Gender: Girl

Total weight gain: + 25 lbs

Maternity clothes: Of course. And now I've reached the stage of maternity undies (super sexy, but oh so comfy!)

Symptoms: Backache, right rib pain, breasts leaking colostrum (sorry, TMI), insomnia

Sleep: Approx 7 hours with 3 potty trips.

Food cravings: Sweets!! I've been eating at least one, if not two Cadbury Cream Eggs per day. Why don't they make those things year round?! And TWICE this week I ate a pint of ice-cream in one sitting. Salted Caramel Truffle...SO GOOD!!

Movement: She is still VERY active. I haven't had to do an official "kick count" because it seems every time I glance down my belly is wiggling!

Best moment this week: Spending some QUALITY time with my CJ at home. Unplugged from TV, iPad, iPhone, Computer and just sitting outside talking. He found a caterpillar and talked to it and told me about it for an hour. A beautiful memory. Trying to show him as much love and attention as I can now before my attention gets divided and my love multiplies.

What I miss: Being able to carry CJ. Being able to breathe. Being able to get comfortable.

What I'm looking forward to: Easter tomorrow! And our last ultrasound on Monday. Excited to see her again, and praying that she is head down and doing well!

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Jenni said...

looking good, lacy! love your bump, so cute. i literally just ate a cadbury egg before reading your blog... haha. it was imported from england, but i didnt really notice a difference between it and the US version. AND i have eaten that salted caramel truffle ice cream you speak of, if you are referring to the haagen-dazs. YUM. XOX! happy easter!