Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Last Trip (for a while)

Two weekends ago we took our last family trip (for a while). I was feeling pretty good, and knew we'd primarily be riding in the car, so why not? Looking back, perhaps not the smartest thing to do...venture to a place where there is no cell phone reception and the nearest hospital is hour(s?) away...at 35 weeks pregnant...but oh well. 

We drove over to Joshua Tree National Park. It was such a pretty day and drive. We even got to see SNOW! :) 
There was a patch of Ocotillo Plants. So pretty!
Close up of one of the blooms
Blurry, but CJ snacking in the car!
Next was the Cholla Cactus Garden. It was so neat to see how the desert landscape changed as we drove along.
Cactus fruit.
Rock piles.
Little man next to a big rock!
My boys hiking!
Beautiful rock formations!
CJ had a fun time piling up rocks. This one was too big for him to pick up by himself, so he asked for "Dada help?"
Then we entered the Joshua Tree area! They were really neat looking! I'd never seen one before!
A joshua tree bloom.
Skull Rock. 
More rocks and joshua trees. 
A huge windmill energy area on the drive home.
Another snow capped mountain.
And a beautiful sunset was a perfect end to our beautiful day together! 

Can't wait for our next family "trip" with Baby Girl!

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