Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

The week of Easter we dyed eggs for the first time as a family! CJ was old enough this year to do it and had fun while he did! (But his attention span only lasted 6 eggs, so I ended up doing 6 on my own, HA!)

JT and CJ stirring up the vinegar, water and dye.
Such concentration as he colors one of the eggs with a crayon! (surprisingly NONE got broken!)
Dipping the "E" egg into the pink cup for his little sister! :)
Pulling out the finished egg!
Here are some of our eggs from this year! My favorite was the pink and green with the swirls on the left (CJ drew those swirls and chose what colors to dip so not only did it turn out so pretty, but CJ did it!)
On Saturday morning, the moms group I'm in, hosted an Easter egg hunt. Let's just say CJ isn't going to enter any competitive egg hunt contests anytime soon, but he had fun! CJ and Dada on the hunt!
I found one!
CJ ended up finding just 5 eggs because he was too busy trying to open each one as he found it instead of filling his basket. That's okay! I was proud of my little boy!
CJ is still too young to understand death. Every time I read our "Story of Easter" book and it talked about Jesus dying and his friends being sad, CJ was very perplexed. So the Christianity aspect of Easter will have to wait for another year... but this year CJ knew that the "Easter Bunny" was going to bring "presents, treats & eggs".

Easter morning CJ got a new alphabet puzzle and an Easter Basket from the Easter Bunny.
CJ is LOVING puzzles right now! He is really good at them too!
Look what the Easter Bunny brought, CJ!
"Big Thomas" (the little Thomas sticker was "Baby Thomas").
We did an egg hunt in our backyard, and CJ was MUCH more successful (since he didn't have any competition). HA HA!
It was so funny, because as he picked up each egg he would announce "Blue Egg" or "Yellow Egg" or "Pink Egg" etc. as he put it in his basket! HA HA!
On the move!
We let him have a little bit of candy...scoping out the jelly beans from one of his eggs as he shoves them in his mouth.
A mouth FULL of jelly beans!
This is what happened when we told CJ that he'd had enough candy...The "MORE TREAT!" tantrum.
Our family Easter photo, taken in our beautiful front yard!
Easter Sunday was SO beautiful in San Diego, so we decided to spend the afternoon on the coast! CJ is so observant, when we turned onto I-5 North, he said "Mickey House?" (because that is the way to Disneyland. This is the 2nd time he has said this...the first time I figured it was a fluke...but again?! And, not to mention this turn is 45 minutes away from our house! He amazes me in so many ways every. day.) The beaches and parks were all pretty busy but the aquarium wasn't so we stopped there. "Baby jellyfish"
I LOVED seeing my "twin" boys. ;) CJ looked SOO handsome in his Easter outfit that his Nana bought him! We got so many compliments, and our little hat lover had a BLAST sporting his adorable cap!
The "Fish are Swimming".
Another thing that amazed us, was when CJ showed us his recall ability. When we finished with the seahorses, CJ told us it was time to "see sharks!", when we left that exhibit, CJ ran to the railing to look out at the ocean to "find whales!" And finally, (because we always do it last!) CJ knew it was time to "touch sea stars!" He did a great job lightly touching the sea creatures until he started splashing, and then he was having so much fun!
So thankful for our beautiful day. So thankful for our growing family. And so thankful that Jesus paid the ultimate price so that we can all be saved.


Kendra said...

You look SO cute Lacy!!

And I LOVE CJ's hat!

You are much braver than I am - we didn't dye eggs this year, I told Dave next year =)

Kim at Polka Dot Thought said...

What a fun Easter weekend! I'm totally loving his and daddy's matching Easter outfit--and his hat, omg! You look fantastic also!!

I love how he was able to dye eggs already! I can't WAIT to do that with KD--small steps--last year it was working on her to hold the egg, this year to put the egg in the basket--maybe next year we can draw on the eggs!!

Seems you guys had a great Easter weekend and did some fun things! Baby girl is so blessed to be coming into your family so soon!

PS--I fail at these CAPTCHAs EVERY time! I've done them 4 times now and keep failing...about to abort this comment, ha ha! I obviously have issues here with these!