Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Apple Picking & Fall Family Fun

It's FINALLY starting to cool off here a little bit! We haven't had to run the air for a few days, and it's been so nice! We wanted to do something to celebrate the arrival of fall, so this past weekend we headed inland to Julian, California to do some apple picking. (Moving here from Michigan, apple season was something I really missed so I was excited to find out that we could do this not too far away!)
The orchard was pretty picked over (we need to go in September next year!) but there were still several trees that had apples at Toddler level! :)
"Pull, pull, pull!"
Look, I picked my first apple! 
Walking in the orchard.
There's another good one!
CJ was excited to find a red one (albeit small). 
Put it in my bag.
"Another one!"
The orchard had samples of all their different kinds of apples, and CJ enjoyed his snack-time of lots of fresh apples! 
Daddy and the "apple of his eye"
On the way back home, we stopped at Julian Mining Company and did the Harvest Tour. First stop of our tour was at the Petting Zoo. JT hung back with E (hello GERMS!), and CJ and I went and fed the goats! 
Next up on the tour was the tractor pulled hayride. E's first hayride!! 
CJ was excited about "riding" and the "tractor!"
The hayride rode past this old truck and I told CJ that this was "Mater's cousin" and he ate it up! Ha!
The last part of the tour was apple cider making. We learned about the historical significance of apple cider (used for apple cider vinegar to preserve foods), as well as the practical aspect of being able to have a use for the "not so nice" apples. Here our tour guide is showing us all the yummy fresh juice he is able to squeeze out of a soft apple with his hand. 
CJ has such a brave outgoing personality. He couldn't wait until it was his turn to go up on stage and help make the cider. Turning the apple grinder. 
Throwing apples into the grinder. 
The finished product! YUM!!! It was so sweet and delish. And I was actually able to drink some this year since I wasn't pregnant! CJ LOVED it...and drank 3 cups! 
This wasn't our official trip to the pumpkin patch for the year, but we still let CJ pick out a small pumpkin for himself and his little sis. Baby E with her baby pumpkin.
And our little brown eyed boy with his little pumpkin. 
What a fun time! Looking forward to more fall festivities with our family. 

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