Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Festivities with Friends

Last week we had a playdate at a Pumpkin Patch in Del Mar. It was really big and had lots of rides and things for the kids to do. CJ had SO much fun with his friend B. 

Posing with pumpkins
Checking out the sunflowers
How about this one?!
How does that corn taste? (ew.)
Running through the pumpkins!
CJ was SUPER excited about the train ride, and loved getting to "ding the bell".
There was also a car ride, and CJ was excited about the firetruck!
They had bouncy houses and giant slides. CJ loved it. He must have slid down and climbed up at least 20 times!
These two are so cute together...but they can also be trouble! Ha ha!
Come on B, let's ride the train again!
While we were waiting for our turn on the train, CJ kept telling me how he wanted to ride #3. I kept looking and looking and didn't see any numbers on the train. I told CJ "I don't think they have a #3 honey..." The train operator heard me and let me know that the numbers were on the back of each car (I had been looking on the sides) and that my son was indeed correct. Ha ha! Well, he got to ride in his #3.

One last turn on the firetruck!! 

What a fun time we had! Thank you so much for inviting us to join you, B!

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laura said...

You're welcome!!! B had such a wonderful time too!!!! We love spending time with you!!!