Thursday, October 11, 2012

Touch a Truck

We went to a Touch a Truck event in Ann Arbor last year. This seriously feels like yesterday.
Anyhow, I was so excited when I found out they had Touch a Truck here! Our ALL BOY boy loves trucks! CJ is especially into firetrucks right now, so we knew that that was the top priority of the day! The line for the firetruck was about 5 miles long. Apparently EVERY boy in San Diego wanted to see that truck too. Ha! CJ did a great job waiting though!
So excited when his turn came to "drive" the firetruck!
How do I look Mommy & Daddy? Future firefighter?
"There's the ladder!"
Touching the hoses!
Now, THIS is a cool seat! 
Checking out the hose attachments
On the back of the firetruck with Daddy!
This is what CJ did when all the horns started beeping and the sirens turned on. I think he was trying to cover his ear with his shoulder?! Ha! Love that smile!
They had a great learning area near the firetrucks and there was a demonstrator teaching the kids how to "Stop, Drop & Roll." CJ did pretty well for his first time! 
Then, Robosaurus started up...and our visit to Touch a Truck went south...JT and I had seen this crazy machine on Pawn Stars. It breathes fire and rips apart full sized cars. It is huge. Well, CJ was SCARED!!!! It was pretty far away from us, but the roaring and fire were still daunting to our little guy. He wouldn't take his eyes off of it, and kept saying "Dinosaur all done now!" & "Dinosaur go night night?!" Poor thing. 
We walked even further away from Robosaurus, but the damage was done. He was too worried about that "Dinosaur" to have fun. Standing next to the scooper, but still worried...
Daddy trying to explain to CJ that it's okay and that the Dinosaur isn't going to get him...we ended up leaving.
And I can't forget E. Sweet girl slept through it all!! :)
Hopefully next year we'll be able to see more trucks, but the important part was that CJ had fun, he got to do the firetruck and we understood and respected that he needed to get away from Robosaurus. Three days later he was still talking about the "scary dinosaur went night night"...

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