Friday, October 12, 2012

Superhero Birthday

Our family was invited to a kids birthday party last weekend. The theme was Batman, and all the kids were asked to come dressed as their favorite superhero. I couldn't find an "Incredibles" costume, because that's probably CJ's fave, so Superman was his next pick. But he refused to wear the actual costume, he was only interested in the cape. Ha! 
I couldn't pass up the chance to have little sister be "Supergirl". :) 
The "in flight" position...I think she's just the cutest little supergirl ever!
The party was at a park, so the kids could play on the playground or dig in the sand. They also had great activities at the party for the superheroes! This was the bottle cap necklace station. CJ enjoyed picking out all the different color beads and putting them on his necklace. 
A super cool photo area!
And the mask making station, where you could decorate a mask!
The bouncy house was a BIG hit. Even though CJ was one of the younger kids there, he was having a BLAST jumping with all the big boys!
They had a "real" Batman come to the party in an actual Bat-mobile! It was pretty cool! The birthday boy was so surprised, and all the kids loved it when Batman took out a couple of bad guys.
CJ was pretty intimidated by Batman and adamantly refused to take a picture with Batman, the Bat-mobile or his little sister. Ha ha! E didn't seem to mind though. She slept through most of the party, but the rest of the time she enjoyed getting pushed around the park in her stroller! It was a "super" party...yes, I'm a dork.

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