Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

There is a pumpkin patch really close to our house; which is so fun! We went one day just to get our pumpkins for this year. 

Checking out the pumpkins! (I remember last year all CJ could say was "punkee"...crazy how much things change in a year!)
Our little scarecrow, ha ha!
Choosing one
I can carry it...
Pumpkin girl
My three favorite people!
What is this scratchy stuff you are making me sit on Mom?!
We went back another day to go on the hayride!
The tractor stopped by the sunflowers field. The driver told us that many of the sunflowers that are commercially sold to florists all across the country (and world!) are grown around here.
There are a few sunflowers that are taller than the rest of the crop. These are called the "watchers" and they watch over the rest of the field and keep them safe at night from theft. Supposedly, if you steal a sunflower, you'll get bad luck.
The boys on the hayride
The girls. E was so tired, but was a trooper!
Best shot of the two kids we could get. HA HA.
Our family, Fall 2012 :)
This is seriously my favorite time of year! So many fun things happening! First comes college football in August & September. Then Halloween in October & Thanksgiving in November. Christmas in December, then  CJ's birthday in January! And all of these holidays will be even more special this year because they are E's first! :) 

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Jennifer said...

What cute pictures! We are (hopefully) doing the pumpkin patch thing this weekend too. I love this time of year also - so many fun, family-together type things to do.

Hope you are enjoy all of the holiday firsts with E! (o: