Friday, September 30, 2011

The Lion King

I was so excited when I heard that The Lion King was going to be back in theaters!! This was a FAVORITE movie growing up for my sister and me, so I couldn't wait to get to see it on the big screen with my son! This was CJ's third movie. His first was Oceans, when he was a baby. He slept through the majority of it, and sat in awe at the rest. CJ's second movie (or should I say movie attempt!) was African Cats. He did not want to sit still, so we left after about 20 minutes (but in all fairness, the lions eating other animals was probably a bit much for him to process.) I don't know if we are gluttons for punishment or if we just wanted to see the movie so badly ourselves, but JT and I decided to try The Lion King with CJ.

Here he is independently walking up to the theater!
Sitting and watching the movie! (Yes, I was that person who took a picture during a movie! LOL)
Posing with the poster! (Note, we saw it in regular 2D...we knew trying to get him to wear those glasses would REALLY be pushing it!)
I was so proud. CJ watched (and seemed to enjoy!) the whole movie! (Minus the "Be Prepared" scene with Scar and the hyenas), but I don't really like that part either! Ha ha! The Lion King=successful movie experience for our family! :)

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Sue said...

I am so glad you took that picture in the theater and it is a good one too. If I had done that you, JT, Paige, and hubby would have been all over me and believe me I would have done what you did, so remember what you did for I may use it against you one day. Thanks for sharing...I love Lion KIng