Friday, September 16, 2011

Ready for some football!!

Although we are far away from our teams, we were excited for the beginning of college football season!! JT and I always order "game plan" so that we can watch all of our teams's televised games no matter where we are living! Totally worth it in our opinion!! In Hawaii, it was harder though, because a noon game meant us waking up at 6am to watch football. And yes, we would do that, isn't that some serious dedication!?! I got our flag hung up by our front door so everyone can see our where our allegiances lie here in our House Divided. Please note which team is on top! Go Tigers!! (The opposite side of the flag has the Gamecocks on top and the Tigers on the bottom to be fair, but I couldn't take a picture of that!) Ha ha!!
For being rivals, I must say that JT and I are pretty supportive of each other's teams. We cheer for one another, up until that final rivalry game at the end of the season when we play each other!! (But still talk a good bit of smack too!)

CJ watching Clemson play Troy in their first game of the season:
And last Saturday was funny because all 3 of us watched our prospective things...JT was watching his USC Gamecocks play Georgia on TV, CJ watched Cars for the 5 millionth time on the iPad, and I was watching Clemson play Wofford online (I can't imagine why they wouldn't want to put that game on TV! ha ha!)
Clemson and USC are both off to winning 2-0 seasons! :) Hoping that they can continue their trend tomorrow!! Clemson will be playing Auburn at Noon EST (I am not super optimistic for this one!) and Carolina will be playing Navy at 6 EST.


Sue said...

Lacy that last picture of the three electronics showing three different pictures is worth a million in words. It says it all...I hope BOTH of you have a great football season. Maybe CT will love looking at football like I love to watch baseball and football with my DAD. Back in the day I was a devoted fan and knew all the players,etc. I love this post..

Ashley said...

That last picture is so adorable! Too cute! We are so glad it's football season, too. Go cocks! : )