Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lions, Tigers & Birds

Saturday before our football games, we headed up to the Safari Park for a bit. CJ was cranky, so it is always better to get him OUT of the house! (better for everyone involved!)

CJ and I were all decked out in our Clemson Tiger attire! :) And we got to see the Lions taking a nap!
And then we went to feed the Lorikeets because JT hadn't gotten to do that yet, and CJ LOVES it!! I think JT was taken off guard by the number of birds mauling him to drink the nectar in his cup. HA HA!
CJ was so excited to see the "tweet tweet"s up close!
Mouth open, drinking vicariously through his feathered friends!
When the cup of nectar got low enough that we knew he wouldn't spill it, we let CJ have a turn holding it and having the birds sit on his arm and drink. He thought it was the coolest thing ever!
And this was so adorable, when his cup ran out, CJ walked over to the bird and kept trying to feed it. I love his sweet heart!!
Best entertainment $3 can buy! (each cup of nectar costs $3). Worth every penny!!

I am excited to say our team spirit paid off, and that the Clemson Tigers beat Florida State yesterday. And then the Carolina Gamecocks beat Vanderbuilt too. (CJ put on his Gamecock shirt after the Clemson game, and JT is superstious and doesn't put on his USC jersey until 15 mins prior to game time.) Whatever keeps the teams winning!! ;) I'm so excited because I'll be at the next Clemson home game for homecoming against Boston College!!! Can't wait!!!

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Sue said...

This is totally a sweet set of pictures. I am not fond of birds. We had one and I saved its life and it NEVER like me again. But seeing Colin with Tweet tweets is absolutely "COOL". Again pictures are worth a thousand words.