Monday, September 12, 2011

New at the Zoo

Yet another blog post about the zoo. I love it, CJ loves it, if you don't love it, don't read. Ha ha!

CJ "driving" the car in the playground. The wheel doesn't turn and he was getting frustrated.
Me & my boy, hanging out in front of the flamingos.
Lioness. Or as I tell CJ "Mama Lion" :) He tells me "raaarrrr".
Mama & Baby Elephant. There is another mama who is due any day, and I cannot wait!!
We went with some friends before they started school...CJ did NOT want me to hold his hand/hold him in line, but was very content being corralled by a 9 year old! Stubborn little guy.
Photo Op.
Riding the Sky Tram to the other side of the Zoo. I think CJ looks so old in this pic! :(
Group shot!
Mama & Baby Monroe.
Sitting on an earthworm that he thought was a snake. "ssssssssssss"
Dada & CJ in the botanical garden at the Safari Park.
Holding a ball that the lions played with and chewed up. "Ball"
Baby Elephants playing together. SO cute!!
Hugging an elephant. Ha ha!!!! CJ walked up to this sign and gave it a hug. He is so funny!!!!
Cool SoCal dude.
Polar Bear Plunge.
You can't get much better view than this!!
Big bear!
The zebras were "playing"...(did not take pictures of what came after this...).
I wanted to mention that the San Diego Zoo has a great website, so even though you might not be able to go in person all the time like we do: you can log on and see what the elephants, apes, and panda & polar bears are doing on their web cams. Just click here!

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Sue said...

Lacy by all means write all the zoo stories that you want. I personally love them. Maybe some day CT will become a Vet or manage a zoo. LOL..Keep the stories coming...