Thursday, September 22, 2011

Under the Sea

Ever hear of the saying "if ya don't use it, ya lose it"? Well, JT had accumulated so many leave days that if he didn't use some before October, he was gonna lose them! So CJ and I have had so much fun doing a little "staycation" of sorts with Dada home to do stuff with us! One of the things I had been waiting to do until JT could come too was Sea World. And how great to get to go in the middle of the week?! It wasn't busy at all. We got the resident 2 year season pass so we'll be going back!

They have an entire exhibit of Turtles, which CJ loved!!
And he got to drive a boat!
Holding Dada's hand walking to the shark exhibit (melt my heart!)
Touching a starfish!
We rode the Skytram ride over the bay, which was so pretty!!
CJ and Dada holding on during the ride! "Ride" (CJ loves to say "ride", and to do rides...he sat on top of a pillow yesterday, straddled it and kept saying "ride"; it was so funny!)
CJ, did you have a fun time at Sea World?! :)
We went to the Sea Lion show, but I didn't get any good pics because we were mainly trying to keep CJ still and have him not kick the people in front of us. Ha ha!


Sue said...

CJ sure looks happy. It is always fun to have Mom, Dad, fish, turtles, boats, and activity to keep the whole family happy. So glad you are having fun.

Ashley said...

You are such a great mama! You always take CJ to do such fun things, and y'all do such fun things as a family! I love it!

Kendra said...

He looks so cute!! Such a big boy =)