Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nemo & Children's Museum

Last weekend we went to the Aquarium for the first time. It was on the smaller side, but it is actually perfect for CJ's short attention span! :) We got a membership so we'll be back!

Look, a Fish!!!! "Fishhhh"
Hands on area with Dada.
There were lots of different kinds of fish! CJ loved them all! He was in awe!!
And this photo completely captures CJ right now: ON THE MOVE!! (And yes, I am a dork who enjoys coordinating his outfits with his activities, so he is wearing a fish shirt at the aquarium!)
Touching a starfish! I love that smile!
Family picture out front!
One of the perks to becoming members of the aquarium right now was that we got/get free admission to the Children's Museum downtown and will have free admission again Oct. 15-31. I thought it was a good museum, but the admission is normally $10/person (for kids & adults!) which is pretty ridiculous!! So we will just enjoy it again when it is free next month. Ha ha!

CJ in the "Barn" that had a whole wall of light switches that controlled various things. He liked it when the lights turned on (he does this at home too!) but was kinda concerned/worried when it turned on the animal noises (he couldn't figure out where the animals were!)
Doing a puzzle, and so proud of his progress!
Playing with plastic animals. He gave them a hug and then carried them around a while.
They had a chalk wall that CJ ran back and forth coloring in a line. (I was thinking to myself though, isn't this kinda teaching the kids to color on walls at home?!)
Painting outdoors in beautiful downtown San Diego! He was so focused on the task which was adorable!
Building blocks.
Climbing into the giant Horse of Troy they had.
And shortly after this we left. It was getting close to nap time, but also CJ pushed a little girl down (she was fine, just stunned!) because he didn't want to share his space in front of the TV he was watching. He is such a sweet boy, but this age is proving to be a tough one in teaching right from wrong. It is such a double edged sword, because since we "stay-at-home" I really want him to get out and have as much interaction with other kids as possible, and the only way he can learn how to interact is by doing, but I still hate seeing him do something "wrong."

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Sue said...

It is hard seeing him do something wrong and you are so RIGHT making sure he is exposed to other kids in different situation. I am sure you corrected him and hearing your disapproval and disappointment in your voice will sink in eventually. You are so lucky to have places for CT to enjoy, learn, and expell energy. Have a happy day.