Monday, December 12, 2011

Hey Sport

CJ is doing great and having so much fun at his soccer class! It's been "chilly" (nothing compared to Michigan!) but beautiful and sunny the last two weeks! Feeding those hungry goals some balls.
This week they got to play with tennis racquets and balls. CJ liked to use it like a golf club or just carry it around.
The parachute ride is always fun!
Last week they got to play tee ball. He REALLY enjoyed that!
Dada setting it up!
Helping clean up!!
Ribbon time!
This was funny. When they do ribbons, they sing about up, down and halfway the kids can learn. This time when the Coach told CJ to put his ribbon down on the ground, he threw the whole thing down. HA HA!
So glad we found this activity for CJ. It seems to fit his very ACTIVE personality very well, and we're enjoying watching him be "athletic." :)

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Sue said...

So glad to see JT so involved in sporty activities with CT, they look they are totally enjoying themselves.