Tuesday, December 13, 2011


We are all having such a fun time with our visitors from North Carolina. One of my college roommates (and current best friends!) and her husband are here. CJ is having a BALL with his "Aunt" & "Uncle", and was especially excited that they brought him a pair of Lightning McQueen "Vra Vra Queen" slippers.
He cannot get enough of my friend's husband and keeps chasing the poor guy around the house! Thankfully he is very patient and good with CJ and likes making him laugh! Ha ha!
Me and the bestie on Coronado Beach.
In La Jolla, checking out the seals!
Picking oranges and limes in the backyard after dark for margaritas and orange juice.
Last night, despite the rainy weather (unusual in San Diego!) We went the the zoo for Jungle Bells.
Mama & Dada trying to keep CJ dry during one of the harder rainfalls.
Family picture!
In front of the tree!
Today is our last full day with our friends. :( The time went by too quickly. JT is off work, and one of the things we have planned is a visit to see Santa. I hope that the weather isn't as nasty and that we can have the best day possible together!!

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