Thursday, December 8, 2011

Our Charlie Brown Tree

Last weekend we went as a family to look at Christmas trees. We own an artificial tree, but because one of my best friends is coming to visit TOMORROW and my parents will be here for Christmas, I was really hoping we could have a real tree this year. We got to the Christmas tree lot (which is the same location of the pumpkin patch we went to this year) and CJ says "Punkin!" What a smart kid!! JT and I were astonished, because he remembered that all by himself, and there were no remaining signs of the pumpkin patch. Anyhow...CJ was off on the hunt for the perfect tree...we could barely keep up!

JT asked on of the workers the prices. "This row is $75 and this row is $100"...umm okay. It was starting to look like we'd be getting our artificial tree down after all. Until, the worker said, "but there are some trees with flaws on the very last row that are $40". Now we're talking!! :) We found the perfect tree, and I can barely even find what they might consider to be a "flaw"?! Plus, when we had purchased our pumpkin back in Oct we got a coupon for $5 off a tree, so our Charlie Brown Tree was a whooping $35! :)
Yay! I love real trees!! "Touch it!" CJ with some trees that are just his size.
His first candy cane. "Treat!" (That incidentally lasted about 2 minutes until it fell on the ground). HA!
Happy Boy!
"Help!" "Pull!" Helping Dada take the net off the tree.
Decorating the tree. The top half of the tree is the breakable ornaments, and the whole bottom half of the tree is plastic ornaments and ones that CJ can play with.
Since JT is a dentist, we have a good collection of Hermey (from Rudolph) items. This is an ornament where Hermey talks and Rudolph's nose lights up. CJ loves pushing the button: "Deer!" It gets taken off the tree at least once a day to be played with! (thankfully it's plastic!)
Where should I put these "Balls!"?
I just know this year is going to be so much fun with CJ. It already has been. He loves putting on that Santa hat "TanTa" and talking about the "Tree!" in the house, and the "Deer". He likes to play with the cow and donkey in my nativity set, and I've been talking to him about baby Jesus. I think it will help when his Nativity gets delivered (hopefully today!) so we can incorporate that into our play and talk about the whole Christmas story in a hands on way!


Ashley said...

He is so adorable! He really has a lot of words for his age! And I love that he remembered the pumpkin patch. Smart boy is right! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Sue said...

I have already seen your Charlie Brown Tree and I love it. But I especially love how you are approaching Christmas with Colin. Thank goodness for skype for I would be really missing a lot...I have not been on your blog as much as I should and have missed a, sorry.....