Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Amarillo by Evening

This morning we woke up to a bad storm. The wind was howling, and the rain was coming down really hard! So JT and I decided to go back to bed since CJ was still sleeping!! When we got up for the day, the bad weather had completely cleared! We left Oklahoma City and started driving west on Route 66.
We drove past Lucille's, which was a famous Route 66 service station on our way to Clinton, OK where we stopped to visit the Route 66 Museum.
CJ LOVED all the old cars and trucks!!
He couldn't understand why we wouldn't let him play on these cars, so he kept running around yelling "vroom vroom". Ha ha!!!
The museum had lots of great memorabilia from the Mother Road's "Hay Day".
CJ gave this snake a kiss, let's just hope he won't be as friendly should he ever encounter a real one!!!
They had an old fashioned diner that we played pretend at!
And as part of the 1960's era display, they had a VW bus and black lights. CJ thought it was neat seeing his shirt glow!
Another old car:
We asked the workers at the museum if they had any lunch recommendations. What they suggested was AMAZING!!! Jigg's Smokehouse was delish, and JT and I both agreed that this was the best meal we've had on this trip!!! We had the "Pig Sickle" which was 2 smoked boneless pork ribs, cheese, mustard, mayo and BBQ sauce with chow chow on top. SO SO SO good!!!
I thought it was so cute, and "hole in the wall"-esque that their high chair was just one you'd have in your house, not a normal restaurant kind.
As we drove into Texas, CJ had JUST fallen asleep, and we knew that stopping for our usual picture by the state sign would surely wake him up (NOT worth it!) so I took a picture as we drove by.
As we entered Texas, one of the first towns we came to was Groom. They are famous for their leaning water tower that leans like the Tower of Pisa, as well as a gigantic 150 foot tall steel cross. Since both were easily viewable from the road, we kept on driving!
I thought this was a great billboard, so I had to take a picture of it!! (It says "Jesus Christ is Lord not a swear word".)
For dinner tonight we ate at The Big Texan Steak Ranch. It had a great "Texas" feel to it, which was fun!
CJ enjoyed the fresh fruit (and cuddling with his Mama!)
And they also brought him a free cowboy hat with his meal, which he thought was fun!
This was my meal. No, I didn't go for the 72-oz steak that they are famous for (if you are able to eat it all plus the sides they bring with it in an hour you get it for free!).
I opted for the 9oz filet with blue cheese and mushrooms on top, and mashed potatoes and gravy!! One thing I MUST say I've been loving down "south" here in Oklahoma and Texas is the yummy southern food, and sweet tea!! :)
A good time was had by all three of us!!
Look at our little CJ in a BIG chair!!
The Big Texan was a Big hit in our family!! CJ was tired out after the long day, and climbed up into this chair at the hotel to relax. Poor boy, his teeth are still really hurting him. He was WAILING when we tried to put him down tonight. So we crushed up some ice and let him gnaw on the chips while we waited for his Tylenol to kick in. :(
Tomorrow we are going to Cadillac Ranch here in Amarillo, and then headed to Albuquerque, New Mexico.


Jennifer said...

Welcome to Texas!!! Even though you're just stopping in, glad to see you enjoying some fun Texasy things! (o:

Sue said...

What a great day you two must of had out on the road. Have you seen may antique places? Good thing I am not on that trip for I would want to stop and find me a donkey...lol Anyway, I wish that that tooth would pop through so my little fellow can relax and enjoy himself more.