Monday, June 20, 2011

The Big Day

You know when you are planning your wedding, how it is this BIG date?! One that you know is going to come eventually and that you hope everything goes according to all your planning. Then the day comes and it is so surreal that afterwards you feel like the whole thing was a total blur?! Moving is just like your wedding day. That is how I feel, anyhow. It is a big life event that is SO emotional! I knew it was coming, and we did everything we could possibly do to "get ready", but now that it is here I really can't believe it!

The packers came Wednesday and Thursday and packed up the house for us. The military does hire the movers and take care of that aspect of the moves for us (how else could they expect people to move every 3 years?!). But, as a side note, there are SOO many other things that still go into moving that aren't as tangible as packing!
CJ is such a busy toddler, he was really wanting to help pack! (And also VERY confused about where those guys were taking his toys! Ha ha!)
Don't forget to pack my hangers!!
He had to take a snack break from all that hard work, right in the middle of the chaos!
And when all your toys are packed, CJ demonstrated how you can make a fun riding toy out of the trashcan liner!
The truck driver came on Friday to pick up all the boxes and load his truck with all of our materialistic belongings. CJ was a great supervisor!!
It's so strange and sad to see our house completely empty! We have so many memories here, both good and bad. Of course the best thing by far to have happened here is that this is where our family grew to include CJ. We experienced many of his "firsts" here, so it is rather bittersweet to move. But we are looking forward to this new chapter of our life, and all the unknowns (I'm sure both good and bad) that we will get to experience in a new house, as we make a new "home" for our family in California. We have a couple more days here in Michigan, wrapping up some loose ends, saying some more goodbyes and then we start our road trip out west on Wednesday!


Kendra said...

Oh I hear ya!! Moving is always bittersweet for me. Even if it's in the same town! Just saying goodbye to the walls in which where so many memories were made...sigh...praying for your road trip!!

Sue said...

Those red cheeks tell me that CT has really been working hard in his supervising duties. I feel sure he'll continue this from AA to SD. LOL Have fun you two.