Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Last First

When you have a baby, there are so many little milestones and firsts. You know, the ones that all the baby books list and that you are supposed to document (if you can find the time?!) I'm a little sad, because today little CJ had his last "baby" first.
Baby's First Haircut!

I found myself feeling so sad about cutting those precious curls off!! But as CJ's hair got longer, he would would get mistaken for being a little girl more and more (even when wearing the most boyish looking outfits!). With the move coming up, I knew we wouldn't have another chance to cut his hair for about a month, so I reluctantly scheduled the appointment.
It is was a kids haircut place called "Cookie Cutters", and they had a play structure in the waiting area, and lots of trucks and planes for the kids to sit in while getting their cuts. And you get to pick out your choice of movie to watch during the haircut. Here is CJ getting his first "snip". I was tearing up at this point! :(
We were worried about how he was going to react to getting his hair cut (especially because he has to be basically restrained to clip his nails), but with the movie (Thomas the Train) playing he didn't even NOTICE that someone was touching his hair, much less cutting it!
The finished product: he definitely looks like a little boy now, instead of a little baby!
The BIG BOY with his bittersweet Momma.
"Toddler CJ" with his proud Dada.
How on earth did my baby grow up so fast!? (I have a feeling I will be asking this question over and over again for the rest of my life!)

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