Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Beginning of a New Chapter

After lots of "goodbyes" over the last few weeks, today we left Ann Arbor and started our road trip toward San Diego!! Although I know God has lots of great stuff planned for this next chapter of our life, we will very much miss all the good friends we made in Michigan!!

I will miss Mom's Nights Outs with my friends:
We will miss having great neighbors:
I will miss catching up with former co-worker friends over food and drinks:
CJ will miss having such a great babysitter (so will we!):

The house is empty, and it was very sad to see it that way...thinking "this is where we brought CJ home from the hospital", "this is where CJ took his first steps"...

Today, we drove from Ann Arbor, MI
to Indianapolis, IN.
I wish I could say we saw some really awesome stuff along the way, but honestly it was mostly farms. We hit a couple of rain storms, and it was really windy, but JT did a great job driving!

A few highlights:
Two Big Boys, ha ha!
An 18wheeler truck that had glass windows on the trailer so you could see the car it was carrying!!
A few water towers that were unusual:
And this one: How immature am I?! But I thought this was funny! Ha ha!
And I wish we could have stopped here:

CJ had a great first day of "road tripping". He did so well considering we were in the car for about 4 hours!!
Napping on the road:
Watching "Cars" on the iPad

JT and I were talking on the drive how it feels good to have everything "done". For weeks and weeks we've been working so hard to get things sold on Craigslist, packed/organized for the move, finishing JT's thesis and presentation, and trying to schedule time to see everyone and do everything we needed to before we don't have anything left on the "to do" list! We just "have to" enjoy this road trip with our son! :) We have a fun day planned tomorrow at the Children's Museum here in Indianapolis, and then we are off to St. Louis!


beckylbranch said...

Ya'll have a safe trip and I can't wait to hear more about your new journey on the blog! Baby boy is getting so BIG they grow up way too fast *tear* <3 Becky Branch

Jennifer said...

Enjoy your road trip! (o: Your new chapter sounds exciting. I always wondered what it would be like to move to a whole new city. By the way - those fun water towers - my Tommy calls them "balls in the sky" and he gets VERY excited whenever we spot one. There is one near our house and anytime we drive anywhere we have to say hi to it. It's hilarious!

Jenni said...

awesome!! i love road trips. i hope you are having a great time. :) love the pics!

Sue said...

Make sure you keep a watch and ear out for those horrible storms and tornadoes...Stay safe and enjoy yourselves. Take advantage of the great opportunity you are getting to travel our great Country. It would be a dream come true for me to be able to do this so it gives me great pleasure to see my family able to experience different terrains. CT seems content, he is such a flexible young fellow.