Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cadillac Ranch to Albuquerque

Last night we had the roughest night to date on the road trip (NOTE, I am knocking on some serious wood that tonight will be better!!) But poor little CJ woke up around 1:30 screaming in pain, and he would NOT go back down in the pack 'n play after an hour and several attempts by both of he ended up coming to sleep in the bed with us. And by sleep with us, I really mean sleep on us, kick us and prevent us from sleeping. I honestly thought at one point that the hotel front desk was going to call to see if everything was okay because "we" were just that noisy!! He was definitely whinier than usual today, but we really tried hard to stay on top of the Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Please pray for those teeth to break through!! These canines are worse than the 1st molars and we hate seeing our baby boy in pain!!! :(

After we got up and going late this morning (in our efforts to recover from little to no sleep last night), we went to Chick-fil-a for brunch. After living without CFA or Sonic nearby for the past 6 years, we always enjoy getting to hit them up when we can! if getting to go to CFA wasn't enough, Sonic was right there in the same food court (at the mall) so I was able to get my favorite drink (Cherry Limeade) with my Chick-fil-a Sandwich!!

Then we headed over to Cadillac Ranch. This is the most random, interesting thing ever. Why someone would just want to bury a bunch of cars is beyond me, but they are iconic, and we had to see them!! It was cool to see the cars, and the different "artwork" that people had created on them.
As we continued our trek westward, we left Amarillo, Texas...and entered New Mexico. It was neat to see how the landscape transformed from flat plains with black dots of cattle, to hills and rocks. We also changed time zones today for the second time on this trip. We are now two hours earlier than most of our family and friends.
We had to skip our afternoon planned activity of "Tinkertown" in the sake of time, and trying to do what is best for our teething toddler in this extreme heat! Tonight we are staying in Albuquerque, NM. We fed CJ dinner at the hotel, and he fell asleep really early!
We're headed to bed now too, just in case we have a repeat of last night! We have more fun planned for tomorrow including a couple of National Parks. Night y'all!!

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