Friday, June 10, 2011

Last trip (for a while) to PA & OH

Last week, JT drove one of our cars over to San Diego (so that when we move we can all drive together in the same vehicle) and did some house hunting for us! While he was gone, CJ and I went over to Pennsylvania & Ohio to visit with my family for the "last time" (before the move!) We had a really fun time visiting with my Grandmother, and my Aunts, Uncles, & cousins.
My Grandma lives right next to a park, so CJ really enjoyed going over there and playing on the playground and feeding the ducks!
We also got to spend time with my mom's sister, my cousin, and my Great Aunt & Uncle (CJ's Great-Greats!!)
One thing that is always a "must do" for the area in PA where my family lives is a spillway where there are TONS of carp.
Everyone goes and feeds the fish & ducks old bread. Thankfully the loaf that I gave little CJ to feed the fish hadn't expired yet, because he was more interested in feeding himself! Ha ha! We had a great time!
Then my aunt, cousin and I took CJ to the his first petting zoo. The same petting zoo that my cousin, sister and I got mauled by goats at as children, but thankfully they have redone the layout and the animals are more restrained! :)
CJ LOVED it!! He kept chasing around the baby goat and he thought that the piggies were super cute!!
After a few days in PA, CJ and I took Grandma with us to OH to visit my Dad's sister & her daughter (my cousin). She has 3 kids (and is expecting one more VERY soon!) and CJ had a BLAST playing with them! Especially her son; it was like CJ instantly recognized another "guy" to play rough with!! Too cute!
My cousin has a pool and it was a beautiful day to go swimming! CJ really enjoyed the little boat they had, and I did too because I didn't have to hold him the whole time! :)
Before we left OH to head back to MI, we stopped over for some yummy ice cream!!
We are really going to miss living so close to family, but hopefully we will get a few visitors in California! :)

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