Sunday, June 26, 2011

We're Not in Kansas (or Missouri) Anymore

This morning we started out in Branson, MO. JT and I could immediately tell it was going to be a HOT day!!! Both of us being born and raised in SC have had our fair share of heat, but living in MI for the last 3 years, we really aren't used to weather like this anymore!
We decided to go ahead and do our Branson activity as soon as we could get packed up and going. We thought that Ride the Ducks was an activity that our whole family would enjoy, and we were right!! (especially since CJ's favorite "man-i-mal" is a "kak kak"). A Duck is a vehicle that goes from land and drives into the water to become a boat; very cool!
When you board the Duck, they give everyone a "quacker". CJ really thought they were funny! He couldn't figure out how to blow into his to make it quack (he would kinda hum into it like a kazoo), so he kept shoving JT's and mine into our mouths so that we would do it!!
Here we are out on the lake!!
Every kid on the Duck got a chance to be an "honorary captain" and drive the boat, including CJ. He loved it!!
Having fun riding in the boat!!
Our Duck tour took us over this dam, into the lake, and then down to the other side to show us a fish hatchery. The scenery was very nice, and the ride was relaxing, but hot!
After a quick lunch at Cracker Barrel, we hit the road again! We said "bye bye" to Missouri...
And hello briefly to Kansas...
And then we arrived in Oklahoma!
(NOTE: CJ not pictured because he was napping when we stopped to take the pictures and we were not about to wake a sleeping CJ just for a picture!!)
When we arrived at the hotel, CJ was excited to get to play on his mobile jungle gym again! Ha ha! We are spending the night in Oklahoma City, OK tonight and tomorrow night, and will see some of OKC tomorrow! Good night!!


Jennifer said...

How fun! I love that you take pictures next to all of the signs! (o:

Sue said...

You three look like you are having a great time. Another great water tower. Love the picture of you two with the duck calls with little CT with his finger to his mouth. My imagination runeth over again. I use to have one of these duck thingies many years ago.