Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 2 on the Road

We had a bit of a rough night last night with CJ. He ordinarily sleeps through the night, but we think his baby canine teeth are trying to break through. :( Poor little guy! He ended up coming to sleep with us around 3:30am so we all got a later start than we wanted to this morning as a result. We slept through the breakfast at the hotel so we went to Cracker Barrel instead! CJ was double-fisting the fruit as fast as he could!
After eating, we headed over to the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. This place was AMAZING!!! We've been to several children's museums, and this one was by far the best ever!
We could easily see why it is considered "World's Best"! JT and I got super excited as Transformer fans because the very first thing we got to see was a HUGE BubbleBee!! It was really cool.
CJ had a great time too!! He loved the driving cars, and kept saying "vroom vroom"!!
He also had fun being an astronaut,
and a Pirate,
and a Train Conductor!
CJ got to make some friends,
and dig in the Sand!
We ate lunch at the Museum before hitting the road for our 4 hour drive to St. Louis, MO. CJ took a 2 hour nap (all that hard work at the Museum really wore him out!).
We stopped at the world's largest catsup bottle (aka water tower!!), before arriving in St. Louis this evening.
Looking forward to exploring this city tomorrow and hoping that the teething gets better for little CJ!!

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Sue said...

I'm liking your water tower theme...That is one big ketchup bottle. What fun pictures, I enjoyed Ann Arbor's Children Museum. What a great way to keep CT intertained, or should I say you and JT entertained???