Friday, June 24, 2011

Meet Me in St. Louis

CJ slept much better last night (therefore JT and I also got to sleep better!) Today we got to spend all day in St. Louis. Our hotel is right downtown, so we were able to walk to both of our "activities" today which was so nice!!!
This morning we went to the Gateway Arch. We weren't sure if we'd be able to go up to the top or not, but we were able to get tickets, and we are so glad we did!
The ride up was interesting...the tram consists of little egg shaped "pods". If you have any hint of claustrophobia you better not ride them because they are tight!
The view of the city from the top was amazing!!
And I thought the view straight down was neat too since you could see the shadow of the arch!
CJ enjoyed getting to peek out!
And we made time for some tickling at the top too!!
It just so happens that this week is "Marine Week" in St. Louis, so they had lots of displays of military equipment for people to check out.
My favorite was getting to see my "big boy" with a BIG gun!!
So glad we got to see the Gateway Arch, inside and out! It was really cool!
We came back to the hotel so that CJ could take his nap. The hotel lobby has some statues with a water fountain, and CJ was loving the "woof woof". He ended up sleeping for about 2.5 hours, which was good because we knew he was going to have a later evening than usual!
One thing that JT and I really enjoy doing when we travel, is going to MLB games when we can. It is so fun getting to experience all the different ballparks (and their foods!). So tonight we went to the St. Louis Cardinals game versus the Toronto Blue Jays.
We didn't want to bring the stroller, so I wore CJ in my ERGObaby when we walked the two blocks over. Considering he weighs about 25lbs, it is very supportive and comfortable to wear!
It was a nice park, and CJ really enjoyed all the sights, sounds and snacks!
He also had fun trying on Dada's hat!
We made it about 4 innings, and then we knew it was "time". Today was a really good day, and we very much enjoyed St. Louis so far. Tomorrow we plan to go to the zoo (it's free!) before leaving town, continuing our westward trek!

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Sue said...

I cannot wait to go to the San Diego Zoo. That is if I live that long.