Thursday, February 23, 2012

2 Years

Seriously overdue...I meant to do this closer to CJ's birthday, but just like half the things on my "to do" just didn't happen when I wanted it to. Better late than never, right?! I am DONE doing months (ie. CJ is actually now 25 months.) I am just going to say "he turned 2 in January" until July when I will say "he is 2.5". But I still wanted to write a 2 year post listing what he is up to because I know it will change SO much in the next 6 (err, I guess 5 now) months!

CJ wears a size 5 diaper and size 5 overnight. As much as I wish he were ready for potty training, he's not. Yesterday I smelled something and he was busy playing with his cars with a poopy diaper. We'll just keep talking about it, and we have a potty in his bathroom, but I'm not going to push it. Just like everything else, I'm sure he'll do it when HE is ready! And with all the other changes on our horizon with the new baby, we don't need to try to start this now.

CJ wears size 24 month or 2T shirts. He still has stubby little legs, and those chubby cheeks are deceiving because my boy is a skinny minny. He still wears 18-24m pants. Unless they are elastic band 24m/2T they fall right off! I think I need to buy him a belt! He wears a size 6 wide shoe. We basically have to buy Stride Rite because we have a hard time finding wide or shoes that his chubber foot will squeeze into.

CJ goes to bed around 7:30pm every night and wakes up around 8-8:30am every morning. His naps are hit and miss...depending on how tired he is. He can go without a nap, or nap from 1-3 hours. We usually attempt naptime/quiettime around 1pm.

2nd year molars are peeking through on the bottom and I can feel one on the top too. He has been fussier than usual and we noticed him biting grapes on them (must feel good!) He loves brushing his teeth (his dentist Dada is proud!), and we usually do it twice a day, but always before bedtime!

His favorite activities right now are Cars and Trains. Lining them up, running them on tracks, on the walls of my house...everywhere! (Oh and watching them on TV, the Mama shamefully admits).

I'm worried my OCD and perfectionism has rubbed off...he loves to line things up, and he gets easily frustrated when he can't figure something out (or when his tower he built falls!)

His personality is hilarious and unfortunately he knows it. The other night at dinner he kept taking his straw in and out of his cup. JT and I kept correcting him and he kept doing it with a goofy look on his face, and he finally said "CJ Funny!" HA HA! It was all JT and I could do was to hide our smiles and laughs! He really is funny. He is also so sweet and loving. He likes to hold hands, give hugs and kisses. He's not much of a snuggler, but I love it when he says "Mama Bed" (Mama in my bed)...and even though I barely fit in his toddler bed with him, I can't resist!

CJ is the pickiest eater EVER. I never wanted to have a picky eater. I try to expose him to everything, but he will. not. try. anything! (unless it is his idea). Hope this is just a phase.
For breakfast he eats: waffles, pancakes or french toast sticks with turkey sausage & fruit
For lunch he eats: Mac & Cheese or Fries and maybe a chicken nugget or two if we're lucky
For dinner he eats: Spaghetti or Hotdogs or Pizza with edamame or green beans

Hello language EXPLOSION! I could go on an on with the words CJ has right now.
• He knows more characters on Disney shows and movies, and Thomas than I do. He knows all of our immediate family & friends by name (even though we only usually see them on Skype/facetime or in pictures).
• He knows his colors: red, yellow, orange (sometimes confuses yellow & orange depending on the hue), blue, green, purple, & pink. We are working on white, brown & black.
• He knows some basic shapes: circle, triangle & star (and sometimes square)
• He knows his numbers 1-10, but rarely counts correctly all the way through without our help.
• He knows COUNTLESS animals and their animal noises thanks to our membership to the Zoo, Safari Park, Sea World and Aquarium (in addition to us reading books and talking about them!) Elephant, Monkey, Zebra "zeb-bee", Giraffe "raffe", Lion, Hippo, Rhino, Bird, Caterpillar, Butterfly, Bee, Spider, Bug, Koala, Fish, Nemo (Clown Fish), Dory (Blue Tang), Pufferfish, Octopus, Jellyfish, Crab, Duck, Cow, Horse, Sheep, Pig, Chick, Bunny, Dog, Cat, Mouse, Fox "Fock" (he hasn't quite mastered the "x" sound yet, and it sound more like "ck" right now...), Deer, Bear, Turtle, Snake, Frog, Otter and I know there are LOTS more that I can't think of.
• He knows most of his body parts: Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Teeth, Ears, Hair, Head, Face, Hands, Fingers, Belly, Back, Feet, Toes, Knees (he still gets shoulders and elbows confused).

This is a really fun age. Learning new things and new words's amazing getting to see new discoveries unfold. It's a mix between me wanting to see him grow more, and wanting to put this time on "pause."


Sue said...

Sorry Lacy, it is GOOD to be this post on what CT knows, likes, etc: I now know for sure that is he is one very,very smart little guy.

Kendra said...

My kids are picky eaters too. It's hard, because I never wanted picky eaters either. At some point, I am going to draw the line that "this is dinner", but not until they are a little older and I trust that they understand what I am telling them.

Oh, and they have zero interest in potty training either. I'm like you, not gonna push it.