Friday, February 10, 2012

Choo Choo

CJ got a train table for Christmas from his Nana & Papa and he LOVES it! The tracks and trains it came with are compatible with my old Brio train set that my sister and I had as kids. (So I don't know who honestly has more fun with the trains sometimes...CJ or me-having a valid excuse to play with my old toys!) CJ has gotten so good at putting the trains together (they are magnetic) and is getting pretty good at building tracks too. When he needs help he says: "Mama Hellp Ooo?" (Mama, help you?)
JT and I cannot STAND the Disney show Chuggington (sorry!) so we recently tried exposing CJ to Thomas instead. Thankfully for our sanity it was a HIT. So now CJ asks to watch "Thomas" instead of "Wilson." Although I really have to laugh to myself when CJ sings along and says "Thomas is da Cheeky Unn". HA HA.


Sue said...

I use to love to play with trains. Can't wait to see if I still do. I never have heard of the Disney Train Show, but I do like Thomas.

Ashley said...

So cute! I know he has a blast with that. What boy can resist a train table? And I have never seen Chuggington, but if it is worse than Thomas, I'm afraid! I am not a Thomas fan, though David already loves it. He has two Thomases already and he knows what a "choo choo" is!