Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CJ's Birth Story Part 1

This is going to be a long post (and there may be some TMI moments-hello it is child birth!), so bear with me (or hit the x at the top of your screen). But this is something I feel like I have to write down to help me deal with my CJ's birth story before heading back in to Labor & Delivery with Baby Girl. I've shared bits and pieces with various friends, and have even gotten comfortable rattling off the "facts" with people (just like infertility) but have rarely, if ever, really talked about the emotional aspect of what I went through that night.

I woke up this morning with another headache. One of my theories behind my headaches this pregnancy (other than them being hormonally related?) is that I was so sick in the first trimester that I stopped wearing my night guard mouthpiece. (Sexy, but when you're married to a dentist, maybe it is? HA HA!) Anyhow, I grind my teeth in my sleep when I'm stressed (hence the night guard because I once ground so hard I broke a filling in my sleep). In addition to my headache, this morning I also woke up with a scripture running through my mind:

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." Philippians 4:6

I thought that was a sign, so after reading my Bible and saying a prayer, I got my computer out and started writing.

I've always struggled with worry my whole life. When I was even a little girl I would tell my mom I had my "worried feeling". It would come around sometimes for no reason, and other times when there was something "worth worrying about". I think it is Satan trying to get to me.

When I was going through infertility, one of my best friends gave me a little plaque with that scripture on it, and it was so fitting! I sat it on my desk at work and would recite it over and over. Presenting our infertility "with thanksgiving" was difficult then, but in hindsight I am so completely thankful that CJ was the baby God chose for us in His perfect timing.

And now, as I start to think about delivering Baby Girl, and all my worries surrounding that...hoping it won't be the same as last time. I present my anxiety to God with the thanksgiving that we were given this opportunity to go to Labor & Delivery again, that we were given this miracle baby girl.

At my ultrasound last week when they told me baby was 61%, my first thought was SO thankful that she is growing so well despite all the "risks" we were up against with my low PAPP-A. My next thought was fear. Oh gosh, she is going to be BIG just like her big brother. (CJ was 9lb, 5oz). My mind started racing and worrying, thinking we could be headed down the same path in the delivery room. When I met with my OB, he was very reassuring that if she stayed on that same bell curve for growth, she will be a "normal" sized baby, and went onto tell me that CJ was more like 95%. Phew... Praying for her to keep growing well, but just not quite as well as her brother! ;)

CJ was due on Saturday, January 2, 2010. Since we had to do infertility treatments with him and I know the exact day he was conceived, this was an accurate due date. His personality that we see today of doing what he wants WHEN HE wants, was true from the very beginning because he did NOT want to come out! I can't say I blame him...I've never been a fan of cold or snow, so I'm sure staying nestled up in my warm belly was much more appealing than being born into a Michigan winter. ;)

On Thursday, January 7, 2010 at my weekly Dr's appointment I was 75% effaced, and 1cm dilated. I had already lost my mucus plug at that point (gross!). The Dr. said my cervix was "softening up nicely" so I would be a good candidate for induction if baby boy didn't come on his own. She scheduled me for induction for Saturday, January 9, 2010 (41 weeks pregnant). (Of course depending on how busy L&D was). We were able to start booking plane tickets for my mom, my sister & my best friends to fly up from the Carolinas since we finally had a "date."

JT and I went out to dinner that Friday night at our favorite Ann Arbor restaurant, Pacific Rim, knowing it would be our last chance to go out on a date for a while. On Saturday, we did every last minute preparation we could think of, called all our family and friends and anxiously awaited the call from the nurses at the hospital that it was "okay to come in." When we got the "go ahead" we headed to the hospital around 7pm. We checked into University of Michigan Hospital Triage at approximately 7:15pm on January 9, 2010. We had taken Lamaze class, and had written a very detailed "birth plan" of how we wanted things. I requested and felt lucky that I there was a room with a tub available for us (most rooms have a shower only). It was kind of weird checking in, so surreal, so similar to checking into a hotel...all of our bags, no emergency, but knowing when we left it would be with our baby boy.

Cervidil was placed vaginally around 9:30pm. (It's basically like a tampon soaked in medicine). We walked around a the labor floor a little bit, but mostly chilled in the room. Jay fell asleep around 12:30am on his chair that folded out to a bed. I couldn't sleep! I was too excited/scared/anxious, so around 2:30am the nurse asked me if I'd like an Ambien to help me sleep and I said "yes!"

Check back tomorrow for the rest of the story: CJ's Birthday!

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Kendra said...

I'm finally making the time to sit down and read this, and I am so glad you've written it!

Praying it helps you heal as you get ready for Baby Girl to make her arrival.

Also, God gave me scripture the day before my babies were born too!!!