Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quiet Time

Uggh. I knew this day was coming, but I was super hopeful it wouldn't be so soon. CJ is transitioning out of "nap time" but we are still going to have "quiet time" every afternoon (primarily for my own sanity). First he started tearing up all his books. So we moved them out of his room. Then he would bring entire buckets of toys from his toy shelf into his bed with him. Toy shelf has been moved now too. And the last straw was when because he didn't have anything else to "play with" he started pulling all his clothes out of his drawers. Sock pairs pulled apart, and everything unfolded strewn around his room and in his bed. It was just getting too exhausting trying to force him to nap (like kind of defeating the whole point of both of us getting a "break"). The pictures below show CJ getting into trouble: he found a roll of "stinky diaper bags" that he unrolled. He found a sheet of "CJ stickers" (that were meant for daycare) and stuck them all over himself. HA HA. Little stinker.
Quiet time is still a work in progress right now. The last two days he didn't nap and he wasn't especially quiet...but he was in his room for some independent play time. Today he must have been tired because he fell asleep (in a bed full of board books and stuffed animals) after about 10 mins of quietly playing. Bedtime on days when he doesn't nap is a breeze, which is another reason we think he probably doesn't "need" a nap anymore. I know this is just a phase and we'll work through it...until then, "quiet time" is always unpredictably interesting!

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Sue said...

Believe you me, it will continue to be that way....When you want or need that quiet time is the time that CT will be just the opposite..Good luck!