Sunday, February 5, 2012

Soccer Saturdays

I feel like I keep saying "this is such a fun age", but it keeps getting more and more fun. Every morning when I'm changing CJ out of his overnight diaper and pajamas, he always asks me what we're doing that day by saying: "Animals?" "Musick Class?" "Sock-cer Class" or asking about his friends. SO CUTE!!!! I love the smile he gets when I get to tell him we're going to do something fun. Lights up the room and instantly wakes up this non-morning person Mama.

He loves Saturdays especially because JT goes in to get him when he wakes up. It such a nice surprise for him, and then when his Dada tells him "Soccer Class" he is really a happy boy!! :) I love watching my boys play together!
This was the first week the CJ actually "correctly" participated in the ribbon activity. To see him actually starting to follow instructions "up/down/elephant nose/snake/helicopter" is so neat. (vs. just standing there or running toward another soccer field not paying attention).
So proud.
His favorite ribbon activity is the "go crazy"...
And the kiddos always get to try out new sports. This week was hockey. It was a challenge keeping CJ far enough away from the other children so he wouldn't accidentally hit anyone with his "stick", but he sure enjoyed hitting the balls!
Since it's been staying light later, we've been having "outside" playtime almost every night when JT gets home from work. CJ is getting really good at kicking the soccer ball around our yard. "Kick!" Last night he stopped mid dribble because he saw something, pointed up at the sky and said "MOON!!" What a wonderful age of learning and discovery, SO FUN!

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Sue said...

I wonder if I am too older to kick that ball....I am certainly going to try it. But that looks like a hockey stick or golf club in his hand. LOL