Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Mickey House"

One of the activities our visitors wanted to do while they were here was go to Disneyland. JT and I were SOOOO bummed to have to go there, since we can't stand that place. ;) HA HA. It was by far the busiest day we've seen there, but we made the best of it and still had an awesome time (as usual)!

On the way to Disneyland, my friend and I were talking and one of us said the word "cereal". CJ heard "seal" and started demanding "dolphin" and "whale" (I guess he thought we were going to Sea World?) So when we got to Disney at first he was upset that we weren't at Sea World. Thankfully seeing the Whale in front of the Storybrook ride managed to suffice and he eventually forgot about it. Phew! I told him we were at "Mickey's House" so CJ started calling Disneyland "Mickey House". Meeting Geppetto.
All of us in front of the Walt Disney & Mickey statue and the castle!
The kiddos waiting in line for the carousel. KD really enjoyed it. CJ on the other hand, flipped out and started adamantly saying "No" "No" "Down" so JT removed him from the ride before it started (or else that would have been a really long ride). This is the third time CJ has not wanted to ride a carousel. Not sure why? He loves every other ride we've taken him on.
We also rode It's a Small World, Winnie the Pooh, and Dumbo. (Our friends also rode the teacups but JT and I don't do that ride anymore...). JT sacrificed one for the team and rode the Dumbo ride backwards to get this great shot of all of us on the ride!
Posing for a pic in a Dumbo. CJ was yelling "CJ chair" because he wanted to sit on the seat like a big boy (instead of Mama's lap). HA HA.
Our family of three.
Probably my favorite picture of our kids that we were able to capture. (They are actually standing next to each other willingly. HA!)
Our friends and CJ (he's too busy watching the Dumbo ride to look at the camera!).
Such a fun day!!!!
The little princess all tuckered out from her first trip to Disney! :)
The weather was perfect, and it was so much fun getting to share one of our favorite places with some of our favorite people. We hit a little traffic on the drive home (typical LA), so we stopped at Outback for dinner. The kiddos were tired and so was I! It sounds funny, but sometimes I forget I'm pregnant...until it's too late and by then I'm exhausted! It was worth it though, what a great day!

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