Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cheetah Run!

Everyday at 3:30pm the San Diego Zoo Safari Park does the Cheetah Run. They have a cheetah (animal ambassador, who is still wild but semi trained to do things) run FULL speed for 100 yards. We had never gotten to see it before because it is close to the end of naptime, and we've never made it in time! But on one of the days JT was off work, CJ only got about a 30 minute nap. Those days are recipes for disaster if you stay home, so off to see the Cheetah Run we went! It was SO awesome!!!
Please excuse the non-perfection of the pictures, but when a cheetah is running at 70 mph it is hard to capture it!! So glad we finally got to see the Cheetah Run!! :)


Jenni said...

wow, so cool! i am so envious of all your zoo trips, by the way. :)

Sue said...

I am with Jenni,what a wonder sharing activity that both of you can enjoy.....Personally, it think you did great on these shots, but the experience had to have been awesome.