Thursday, November 10, 2011

Our first visitor

JT's sister came to visit us last week and we had such a fun time! CJ and I enjoyed having someone to go do stuff with and show around our new "town"!

Her first day, I took her to my favorite place: The Safari Park!
It was a beautiful, sunny day. CJ staying hydrated on the Safari!
Riding the "choo choo" (really a tram) with his Aunt! When CJ first woke up in the morning, he was kinda like "who is this new person in our house?" and refused to make eye contact over breakfast. But while we were riding the tram, he just crawled up into her lap and never looked back! It was adorable!!
The next day was rainy! I felt bad because it was only like the 4th rainy day we've had since moving here, but my sis-in-law has the most positive attitude about life EVER, and said that that made it even more "special" that she was here for it! We went to an indoor play place, and to CJ's music class.
On Saturday, we went to the San Diego Zoo. Red Panda.
Our family walking down the bear trail. (And we did see the Sun Bear this time...he was SO cute!)
I was excited that one of the Koalas was awake and eating because they are usually all asleep!
The keepers fed the Polar Bears while we were there which was so neat! What a beautiful animal.
Riding the Sky Tram with cinnamon sugar all over his face from eating a churro!
Dada, Aunt & CJ with the San Diego Zoo sign!
Sunday was another overcast sprinkley day, but we went on an adventure anyhow! We headed west to the coast!! Torrey Pines State Beach.
Walking one of the short trails to a lookout.
Funny Family Picture!!
At the overlook
Riding on Dada's shoulders for the walk back
Cliffs near La Jolla
So pretty!
"The Children's Pool" Where the seals all come!! All those black things on the beach are seals!!
Watching the seals!
A swimming seal.
Coronado Beach
For her last day, we took a trip over to Julian. It's about an hour away from our house, but the drive was so pretty, through rolling hills and mountains and rocks. The town of Julian is really cute, little antique stores, souvenir shops, wineries, and they are famous for their PIES!!
We brought back a yummy boysenberry apple pie for dessert!! We had such a great visit! I feel so lucky to have a sister in law that is also a friend! CJ so enjoyed getting spoiled by her too! Every morning since she's left he calls her name in the morning! I can't wait for our next visitors next month!! :)

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