Friday, November 18, 2011

Music Together

Every Friday, CJ and I have been going to Music Together classes. He loves it, just like he did in Michigan. I miss our old teacher (nothing wrong with this one!, but the last one had preformed on Broadway, so I miss her musical talents!), but having the same structure (Hello song, songs, dance time, instrument time, lullaby time & goodbye song) is familiar and enjoyable for CJ. And it is so neat to see him really starting to try to "sing" and participate! There is one song on the CD this semester that is a tonal pattern that goes "Baaaaaa" "ba" ba" ba" "ba". CJ is really good at singing along to this one. And his dancing skills are very enthusiastic and funny, think awkward like Elaine Benes! Ha ha!

Choosing which instrument to play!
Maybe I want that one...
Stealing snacks from his friends in class. That's my moocher! ;)
I think I'll play tambourine!
Maracas!! Double-fisting is clearly the way to go!
We have to decide if we can financially do music class next semester, but I hope we can because music is something we both enjoy! Tomorrow is CJ's first "Daddy & Me Soccer" class, and I am excited to see how he does! (He kicks balls around our house really well, and says "Kick!") I am also happy that JT gets to do an "activity" with his son since usually I am the one doing all the classes with him. It will be fun for me to get to sit back, watch, laugh and document! :)

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Kendra said...

i would LOVE to do a music class with Luke and Abbey, but we can't afford the cost of two toddlers (no discounts for twins- boo) but StoryTime is free at the Library! They sing songs, but no super cool instruments like music class!

That soccer class sounds so fun!! Can't wait to see pics =)