Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You belong in a ZOO

Yes, all of my blogs are either about CJ or animals...or both. HA! One of CJ's new words is "map" so he HAD to have a map!!Over by the elephant exhibit, there is a play area with "fossils" and pretend paleontologists. "Hey! Look at him!"
"Up, peas" CJ wanted to look through the face!!
We got a good view of the lion! (Did you know lions sleep about 20 hours a day? That explains why they are ALWAYS sleeping when we go to see them!)
This is a classic CJ story...I found these sunglasses at the bottom of the diaper bag while looking for something else, so I handed them to CJ and he said "dude" (because I always tell him he is a "cool dude" when he wears them!!). Wait, it gets better...See the green trash can directly behind CJ? Right after I snapped this picture, he took the glasses off his face and marched them over and threw them into the garbage can. EWWW. Gross. I was gonna let them go "bye bye" since we were at the zoo and there was heaven only knows what germs in there, until a random Dad grabbed them out and handed them to me. I immediately got out the sanitizing wipes, and hand sanitizer. They have been at the bottom of the bag again since...I need to remember to take them out and WASH them in some antibacterial dish soap. Actually thinking about the germs festering at the bottom of the diaper bag is kinda freaking me out right now...I'm a SUPER germaphobe #1) during flu season & #2) when I am pregnant!! Anyhow, that boy is a character!!
Riding the SkyTram with a friend!
At the Safari Park with our friends when they had some time off from school for Thanksgiving break! FUN!
I know I am getting good workouts pushing the stroller up all the San Diego hills at the zoo and safari park! I think that CJ is such a wild child sometimes that the zoo is the perfect place for him! I love it too, so it is the perfect place for us both!

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Sue said...

Keep the zoo post coming. I especially love them...I have not been on much for some reason. the computer and I are not compatable lately....I will try to do better...