Monday, November 28, 2011

Does this make me a "Soccer Mom"?

Saturday CJ had his second soccer class. He had so much fun! "Kick!"
The coach explained to the kiddos that the nets didn't get to eat any turkey for Thanksgiving, and that they were hungry for soccer balls! So you have to "feed" the net your ball by kicking it in! Cute!
One of the games they played to learn chasing/following..."Doggie Tails". CJ had to chase and try to grab Dada's doggie tail. (They did this game last week and CJ could have cared less, but he was really into it this week!)
"Got it!" (one of CJ's favorite sentences right now).
Helping Coach Jo clean up after class.
I didn't think I really ever wanted to be a "soccer mom", but if this is what it's like count me in! I could die at the adorableness (Not that I'm biased or anything! ;)).


Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, that is so cute and fun!! And yes, I think this officially makes you a soccer mom. Ha! I can't wait to do fun stuff like this with David!

Sue said...

Yep, you are an OFFICIAL SOCCER MOM. These pictures are totally fantastic...Christmas gift idea...send copies of these pics. Look at these and remember the 90 percent of the great side of Colin. Gosh, how I wish I could turn back time and have a digital so I could capture JT and PM like you have capture CT.