Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween Recap

The weekend after CJ and I got back home, we went as a family to the Pumpkin Patch! It was really close to our house, and had lots to do, so we look forward to returning year after year for however long we call this "home". Side note, one of CJ's favorite words right now is "Punkee" (pumpkin). Every time he sees one (which is A LOT since they are everywhere for decorations right now) he YELLS "PUNKEE!!" :)
We went on the hayride (with Hay!)
CJ had fun running around, and kept wanting to go pet the goats and sheep.
In the patch
The following week, I saw on Twitter (yes, I am a loser dork who follows the Zoo & Safari Park on Twitter and Facebook!) that they were going to be giving the Elephants Pumpkins as a special Halloween treat. So CJ and I headed over to watch! One of their babies rolling a pumpkin like a ball.
The BIG Dada Elephant with his Pumpkin. Hmmm...can't eat it whole...
Okay, I'll step on it to break it....
Eating the pieces!! Success!
Carving our Punkee. CJ tried to help, but he did NOT like the way the gook inside the pumpkin felt. It was funny!!
Our finished Pumpkin lit up (of course we had to do Mickey in this family!)
Our "UP" Family. JT as Russell, me as Carl Fredericksen, and CJ as Dug the dog.
Cutest puppy ever! I got CJ's costume last year at Target after Halloween for 75% off, but he made it even cuter than I could have ever imagined last year when I bought it! :) I got his costume for next year this weekend (70% off!).
Woof Woof. Playing in the yard. HA HA.
CJ had a BLAST handing out candy to the trick or treaters! He would yell "TREAT" and chase them down to put his candy in their bag! Adorable! Looking forward to taking him trick or treating next year!
My cutie pie "I'm ALIVE!!!".
Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween, and hoping that I am catching up on life and my blog! :)

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